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The Red Sea is an ideal destination for a remote and exotic yacht charter. It is a sparkling stretch of crystal-clear turquoise waters situated between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula with year-round sunshine. Most famous for being home to some of the world’s most iconic dive sites a luxury yacht charter in the Red Sea offers a myriad of treasures for you to enjoy from ancient cultures to five-star resorts, stunning desert vistas and an array of natural wonders.

With over 2000 kilometres of flourishing reef extending along the coasts and islands between the two gateposts of the Suez Canal in the North and the Straits of Bab-el-Mandeb in the South, and including the stunning Sinai Peninsula, it is little wonder that this area is the ultimate destination for divers. This submerged wonderland has a bountiful and biodiverse eco-system, with octopus, turtles, rays and sharks, plus a kaleidoscope of exotic fish thriving amongst the viibrant colourful coral.

Your luxury charter yacht provides you unparalleled access to this aquatic paradise. Far from any crowds it would be easy to spend weeks here enjoying the rich marine life on offer amongst the atolls, reefs, wrecks and lagoons in the intense blue ocean.  These translucent waters are also perfect for you to make use of all the water toys your charter yacht has to offer.

The surrounding lands also provide some fantastic opportunities for adventure and enjoyment. Head to the uber-famous sun-soaked Sharm el Sheik, home to some of Egypt's most luxurious hotels, world class dive centres and exclusive glittering nightlife galore.

The desert landscapes are simply stunning. From dusty plains to towering mountainous hills the colours here are enchanting. This vast country may seem monochromatic but the yellows and reds, bronzes and ochres transform as the sun rises and sets. It is stark and beautiful hiding a rich history dating back to antiquity and a colourful and vibrant culture today.

A visit to some of Egypt’s archaeological sites is highly recommended. Your captain can arrange a short flight from Hurghada to Luxor to explore the magnificent Valley of the Kings while from Marsa Alam you can head inland to Aswan to view the colossal temples of Abu Simbel. Discover the desert shores with a camel safari or 4x4 tour: first-class charter resorts give way to untouched seaside settlements and colouful bazaars all the while enjoying Egyptian hospitality.

Alternatively there are any number of uninhabited islands where you can create your own private paradise complete with your personal chef cooking up the tuna you just caught.

Also in the Red Sea is NEOM, a futuristic mega-city; a bold vision of what a New Future might look like (in fact, NEOM means, “new future”). Located in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia and extending along the Gulf of Aqaba it will include towns and cities, ports and enterprise zones, research centers, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist destinations. Phase one is due for completion in 2020, with the final brick laid in 2025.

A private crewed yacht in the Red Sea offers luxury charter guests an unforgettable experience with a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation with both cultural and natural wonders … a truly memorable retreat for all who visit.

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