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A Guide to Booking Your Next Yacht Charter

Whether this is your first luxury charter yacht vacation or whether you are well acquainted with this wonderful way of life, your knowledgeable charter specialist at Luxury Charter Group is key to creating and delivering an enjoyable and successful charter yacht vacation, that has treasured and lasting memories.

Our international expertise, integrity, vast experience and commitment to a code of ethics and procedures are for the sole benefit of our client – you!

Hospitality Service on Charter
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Choosing a Yacht

There is a luxury charter yacht and an itinerary to suit every taste, interest and inclination. Whatever you are seeking, it can be arranged, including the choice of yacht – motor or sail – the size, number of guests, length of charter, destination, activities and itineraries – depending on what you're interested in.


The mega yacht is your own floating hotel, so depending on your preferences and your budget, your charter specialist at Luxury Charter Group will match the right yacht to fit your personal requirements.


The choice of luxury yacht is defined by your own needs. We can tell you what sail and motor yachts are available that meet your criteria. Our approach never comes off the shelf in a one size fits all manner. We are committed to personalising the selection. We cross reference boats that match your needs and preferences and you can choose from a short list that fits the bill.


Crewed Charters

A "crewed charter" refers to a yacht that has permanently dedicated professional crew fully employed by the Owner, all year round. It is vital for the smooth running of a charter vessel that the crew work harmoniously with each other as a Team to provide a high level of seamless service to you, and that they know and understand the technical workings, routines and other attributes of their superyacht.



Founder and director of Luxury Charter Group, Jeni Tidmarsh has more than 30 years' experience in the charter industry, and 45-years of yachting experience. Jeni and her Team bring their depth of knowledge, as both brokers and connoisseurs of luxury charter, to each and every client. " We continue to explore charter destinations so our clients are best informed about their options".

LCG Team

Jeni, Sharon Bahmer the US Charter Executive, and Radek Gendek Charter Executive in Europe, travel to all major charter events and destinations around the world.

"During these Shows, we meet Captains, Crews and Owners so we can speak first-hand about the charter yachts we select for our clients" In all, the Luxury Charter Group team inspects around 600 yachts every year. "We only offer yachts we can endorse to ensure your charter yacht vacation is exceptional. Our testimonials attest to our dedication and personalised service".

Antigua Show

Why Use a Charter Broker? Professional knowledge

There is an infinite array of yachts to charter and itineraries to choose from. While booking direct may seem a good option, the best way to ensure your luxury crewed charter meets every one of your personal preferences, with no unpleasant surprises, is to consult a professional and dedicated charter broker who has lots of knowledge for you to access, to ensure you are best-informed.


Our service is free. You pay no more for us to work with you through the process of choosing and planning your charter. We do all the work for you and deliver a 5-star service.

Luxury Charter Group

Luxury Charter Group has more than 40 years' combined experience in the charter yacht industry. Luxury Charter Group is both a corporate and the Team are individual members of the International Charter Industry Associations, MYBA and CYBA. Sharon Bahmer, our Charter Executive in the United States is the Past President of CYBA International, and Radek Gendek our European Charter Executive is on the CYBA Board of Directors, further reinforcing Luxury Charter Group's professional credentials.

We take our role as your adviser very seriously, ensuring that you are best informed and that booking your superyacht charter is an easy and enjoyable process

Smooth Sailing

We make the process simple by carefully analysing your criteria to provide you the most appropriate selection of luxury yachts to choose from based upon your requirements. We'll offer our local knowledge and charter experience, comparing different boats and crew.


We are well connected worldwide and have networks in most charter destinations to provide you some inside knowledge about your travels.

We understand the variables from country to country, with different tariffs, legal requirements, customs and procedures.

When You Book With Luxury Charter Group We:

  • know which mega yachts are available in your chosen destination
  • know the best seasons to charter, where and when
  • attend the world's major charter yacht events to ensure you are best informed. We attend Charter Shows in Cannes, Genoa, Greece, Turkey, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, BVI and Antigua Charter Shows annually, and also the Monaco Yacht Show. That means we inspect over 600 yachts a year!
  • have first-hand experience of the superyachts, their captains and crews, what they specialise in and the different facilities, styles and what kind of vacation each yacht will suit
  • can compare the best boats available for you, without bias
  • ensure your preferences and expectations are fulfilled, down to the finest detail. From menu preferences and décor, to itineraries and activities, we match you with your ideal charter yacht and crew
  • handle the paperwork – there are contracts. We will handle the documentation and manage the deposits and payments along the way
  • are your first port of call and buffer – in the unlikely event that something goes amiss, we will jump to action on your behalf

For further information about the luxury charter yachts and destinations please contact one of the specialists at the Luxury Charter Group. 



8 Good Reasons to Book with Luxury Charter Group

We are the luxury charter experts and have been excelling in this space for 30 years, or a combined total of 140 years! Our clients’ feedback assures us that our experience, expertise and dedication are the main reasons they rely on us, why they rebook time and again and refer their friends and contacts to us.

  1. Personalised service: we take care of the details
  2. We deliver exceptional charter experiences
  3. Up-to-date charter yacht knowledge
  4. Personal experience of the destinations
  5. Unbiased independent advice
  6. Global operations base
  7. Financial security
  8. Secure charter contracts

We ensure planning your charter is easy and enjoyable

Why you should choose us...