Myanmar (Burma)

A Myanmar (Burma) yacht charter is a rare and special experience. A crewed luxury yacht charter in the mystical waters of Myanmar is a superlative adventure. The natural wonders, myriad islands, marine life and sheer remoteness of Burma make it one of life's 'Bucket List' experiences.


This last frontier has remained undisturbed for over 50 years following the state's independence in 1947. Until recently, the Myanmar government limited the access of foreigners to Mergui Archipelago.

Yacht charter vacations in Myanmar Burma are ideal during the months of December to March.

Your Myanmar luxury yacht charter would likely start in Thailand and continue to explore northwards up the coast. You will encounter more than 800 mountainous, tropical islands that dot some 14,000 square miles of ocean, all teeming with sea life and largely untouched.

The Mergui Archipelago is a rich haven of natural wonders, characterised by sandy beaches, pristine coral reefs and dive sites, and unspoiled wilderness abounding in wildlife such as leopards and tigers, elephants, bears, rhinos, deer, sambar, wild boar, macaque monkeys, gibbons, flying lemurs, cobras, pythons, sea otters and many more.

The birdlife of Mergui is equally diverse and prolific. The islands are home to boisterous hornbills that dart overhead at dawn and dusk, tiny sunbirds, parrots, egrets, fishing owls, Brahminy kites, sea eagles and the nocturnal herons.

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We will design a charter itinerary to suit your personal preferences. We have a portfolio of yachts to choose from and we will match the right sailing or motor yacht to meet your aspirations with a yacht interior and exterior to provide you with everything you could wish for.

We will ensure you enjoy a seamless itinerary. As well as being pampered by your professional crew on board your mega yacht, it is fun to enjoy ashore and we can advice on local restaurants, shore excursions as well as provide local guides.

For further information about the luxury yachts available and the yacht prices please contact one of the specialist yacht charter brokers at the Luxury Charter Group.