Galapagos Islands

Galapagos are an isolated group of volcanic islands over 600nm off the cast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. The biodiversity is extraordinary with wildlife and landscapes here that you will not find anywhere else on earth. With 13 major islands and 7 smaller ones a luxury charter yacht is the ideal way to explore this remarkable and unique area.


Darwin first introduced the world to the Galapagos Islands and the theory of evolution that developed from his visit there back in 1859 in the book The Origins of the Species. The islands have intrigued scientists from many fields, biology and geology being just two, as well as intrepid travellers and sea goers since then and over the years her fame has steadily grown. Declared a National Park in 1959 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978 it is little wonder that today some 200,000 people visit the islands every year.

However despite this growing tourism and the development surrounding this the human footprint here is very limited with the lizards and birds, seals, sharks and other marine life taking centre stage.

For divers the Galapagos islands are a true revelation. Their location, at a convergence point of three major ocean currents and the mingling of these nutrient rich waters have created a habitat where marine life seldom seen close to land including tunas, manta rays and hammerhead sharks abound and 20% of all the species are only found here.

Each of the 20 islands that make up this archipelago have their own character both in terms of wildlife and the natural environment and a private crewed charter yacht allows you to see as many of these distinct areas as possible and in a level of luxury that you would not experience ashore.

These islands are not your typical tropical paradises however with such a wealth of marine wildlife, volcanic rock forms, crystal clear waters and spectacular flora and fauna cruising here on your own luxury charter yacht is a once in a life time experience. Let us help you tick off this bucket-list item.

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We will design a charter itinerary to suit your personal preferences. We have cruised the Glapagos Islands have a portfolio of yachts to choose from and we will match the right sailing or motor yacht to meet your aspirations with a yacht interior and exterior to provide you with everything you could wish for.

We will ensure you enjoy a seamless itinerary. As well as being pampered by your professional crew on board your mega yacht, it is fun to enjoy ashore and we can advice on local restaurants, shore excursions as well as provide local guides.

For further information about the luxury yachts available and the yacht prices please contact one of the specialist yacht charter brokers at the Luxury Charter Group.