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Antarctica is a stunning wilderness; once a mysterious land known to a very few intrepid explorers. Thanks to the growing number of expedition charter yachts venturing into this vast great white continent you now have the opportunity to share this incredible experience in luxury and style while being cared for by your own professional crew.

Many consider Antarctica as the final frontier and the peak of off-the-beaten track travel adventures. And for good reason. This is the fifth largest, the driest and most remote continent on the planet with breathtakingly impressive scenery and extraordinary wildlife. There are just not enough superlatives to fully describe the grandeur and magic of Antarctica.

The summer months of the Southern Hemisphere, from November to March, bring warmer weather and days of almost endless sun. While not warm by usual standards this extreme summer brings an awakening of the flora and fauna. The rocks are covered in yellow wildflowers and the waters are alive with wildlife cavorting in the sunshine.

These are some of the Earth’s most incredible species. Some, including the immense whales, travel from afar, while others, such as the playful Weddell seals and stately emperor penguins, generally remain within a few miles of their birthplace. Millions of seabirds call the Southern Ocean home and the skies are filled with circling albatrosses and petrels. This is a wildlife untouched and unafraid of humans.

Onboard your luxury charter yacht you will glide past blue-tinged icebergs and magnificent glaciers that creak and groan. Rugged mountains line the horizon and deep fjords provide calm, stunningly beautiful anchorages.  

The history here is also inspiring. You have the chance to be one of the very few to follow in the footsteps of famous explorers such as Cook, Amundsen and Scott. You have the opportunity to anchor in places such as Port Lockroy where you can visit Base A, now a museum and the only post office in Antarctica. It is also home to Palmer Station, a modern American research post.

This is not a routine yacht charter. It takes an exceptional vessel with an experienced captain and crew to cruise this far south. It can be a brutal and harsh environment of ice-white wilderness. Onboard your private charter yacht however you can enjoy all that this area has to offer in luxury and comfort, exploring the last untouched place on Earth at your leisure.

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