Exploring the World of Luxury Charters: Your Guide to the Yacht Options Available

Choosing the perfect yacht for your luxury charter vacation will have a significant impact on the experience you have, so before you choose, be sure to understand what each yacht has to offer. We're here to break down the different types, helping you make an informed decision for a memorable journey on board. Get ready to have everything you've ever wanted from your yacht charter!

When it comes to luxury yacht charters, the world is your oyster. From sleek and contemporary motor yachts to graceful and elegant sailing vessels, there is a wide array of yacht options available to suit every discerning charterer's taste and preferences.

Luxury charter yachts can be broadly categorized into four main types: motoryachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, and motorsailers. Each category has its own sub-categories, offering various advantages depending on your cruising choices, companions, and desired luxury charter experience. For instance, motoryachts can be further classified as planing or displacement, flybridge or open, allowing for different cruising speeds and amenities tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you're seeking the thrill of high-speed performance or an off-the-beaten-track adventure, there is a yacht type that suits your desires. Additionally, yachts are differentiated based on size, with those measuring 30m (100ft) and above considered superyachts, and those surpassing 50m (160ft) categorised as mega yachts.

Below is an explanation of some of the more common categories used to define different types of luxury charter yachts to help you choose the perfect one for you. However, you are not alone when making your choice. The team at Luxury Charter Group not only know the various types of luxury yachts well but also the individual yachts, what features they have that shine and the destinations they are available in. 

So let’s explore the various options available for your next unforgettable yacht charter:

Motor Yachts

Motor yachts are the epitome of luxury and speed, offering a seamless combination of style, comfort, and performance. With their powerful engines, these yachts can swiftly cruise through the water, taking you to your desired destinations with ease.

Motor yachts are known for their spacious interiors, modern amenities, and often feature multiple decks for entertaining and sunbathing. Whether you desire a sleek and contemporary design or a classic and timeless beauty, motor yachts offer a wide range of options for an indulgent charter experience.

Sailing Yachts

For those seeking a romantic and graceful charter experience, sailing yachts are an ideal choice. These elegant vessels harness the power of the wind, providing a serene and eco-friendly way to explore the seas. Sailing yachts exude charm and offer a unique connection to the elements.

With their sweeping lines and majestic sails, they capture the spirit of adventure and provide a sense of tranquility on the water. Sailing yachts come in various sizes, from intimate cruisers to magnificent superyachts, ensuring a bespoke sailing experience for every charterer.

Sailing Catamarans

Sailing catamarans provide the perfect blend of space, stability, and the thrill of sailing for luxury yacht charters. With their two hulls connected by a central bridge deck, these vessels offer ample deck space, spacious cabins, and a comfortable living environment.

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or new to sailing, chartering a sailing catamaran allows you to enjoy the serenity of gliding through the water under the power of the wind, while appreciating the spaciousness and modern amenities onboard With their shallow draft, catamarans allow access to secluded anchorages and are well-suited for exploring shallow-water destinations, such as tropical islands and coral reefs.

Power Catamarans

In recent years, power catamarans have emerged as a popular choice for luxury yacht charters. These innovative vessels offer a winning combination of stability, space, and fuel efficiency. These sleek vessels feature two hulls, offering a smooth and efficient cruising experience. With spacious interiors, multiple cabins, and ample deck spaces, power catamarans cater to larger groups and families, providing comfort even in rough sea conditions.

Equipped with powerful engines, they allow for higher speeds and easy exploration of diverse cruising grounds. Whether you seek a relaxing family vacation or an adventurous getaway, power catamarans provide a luxurious and spacious platform to enjoy your charter, discovering hidden anchorages and vibrant underwater worlds while indulging in modern comfort and style.


Motorsailers, as the name suggests, combine the best of both worlds by incorporating the power of engines with the elegance of sails. These yachts feature a hybrid propulsion system, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of cruising under sail or switch to motor power when needed.

Motorsailers often have spacious deck areas, comfortable cabins, and luxurious amenities, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and modern comfort. Croatia, in particular, is renowned for its vast selection of modern motorsailers, which have recently gained immense popularity as luxury charter yachts.


Traditional gulets, a type of motorsailer, are another fascinating option, particularly popular in the Eastern Mediterranean. These sailing vessels, typically built of wood,  have a rich history and reflect the traditional maritime culture of the region.

Gulets usually have broad beam, providing generous deck space for lounging and alfresco dining. With their characteristic sails and rustic charm, gulets offer a laid-back and authentic cruising experience, perfect for exploring the stunning coastlines and secluded bays of destinations like Turkey and Croatia.

Explorer Yachts

For those with a taste for adventure and exploration, explorer yachts provide an excellent platform to venture off the beaten path. These sturdy and seaworthy vessels are designed for long-range cruising, allowing you to reach remote destinations and discover hidden treasures.

Explorer yachts are equipped with advanced navigation systems, robust hulls, and spacious interiors that can accommodate extended trips. These yachts often feature expedition-style amenities, such as tenders, submarines, helipads, and even research laboratories, offering the ultimate charter experience for the intrepid traveler.

Classic Yachts

Classic yachts represent timeless elegance and embody the rich heritage of yachting. These meticulously restored or replica yachts evoke a sense of nostalgia and offer a glimpse into a bygone era of luxury travel. Classic yachts feature exquisite craftsmanship, opulent interiors, and often retain their original charm while incorporating modern amenities. Chartering a classic yacht allows you to experience the romance and sophistication of a bygone era while reveling in the modern comforts and luxuries.

The world of luxury yacht charters presents a myriad of options to suit every charterer's desires. Whether you prefer the speed and contemporary luxury of a motor yacht, the serenity and eco-friendliness of a sailing yacht, the spaciousness and stability of a sailing catamaran, the efficiency of a power catamaran, the adventurous spirit of an explorer yacht, or the timeless elegance of a classic yacht, there is a yacht perfectly suited to your preferences, and Luxury Charter Group is your trusted partner in finding the perfect yacht for your charter.

Contact Luxury Charter Group today to start planning your dream yacht charter and allow us to guide you through the vast options available. Trust in our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to curating a seamless and extraordinary luxury yacht charter experience tailored to just for you. 

Disclaimer: The information about luxury yachts displayed on this page is merely informational and these yachts are not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor are they represented or marketed in anyway by Luxury Charter Group. This web page and the superyacht information contained herein is not contractual. All yacht specifications and information is displayed in good faith but Luxury Charter Group does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the current accuracy, completeness, validity, or usefulness of any superyacht information and/or images displayed. All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current.

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