Your Guide to Booking a Luxury Yacht Charter: From Dream to Reality

Booking a luxury yacht charter is an exciting endeavour that promises an unforgettable experience on the water. To help you navigate the process smoothly, we have outlined the steps involved in booking a charter. Here's a comprehensive guide to assist you from start to finish:

1. Define Your Charter Requirements:

The first step is to determine your charter preferences and criteria. Consider the destination, charter duration, desired yacht type, number of guests, budget, and any specific amenities or activities you would like to enjoy during your charter. This information will help us tailor the options to your preferences and ensure a personalised experience, helping us find the perfect charter for you.

2. Consultation with Your Charter Broker:

Contact a luxury yacht charter broker, such as Luxury Charter Group, to discuss your expectations in detail. Our experienced Charter brokers know the yachts and destinations; they will listen to your needs, provide expert advice, and guide you through the entire process. Once we understand your preferences, we can personalise the charter to suit your needs.

3. Yacht Selection:

Based on your criteria, we will present you with a selection of yachts that match your preferences. We will provide detailed information about each yacht, including specifications, amenities and crew profiles. Take your time to review the options and feel free to ask for additional information or clarification.


With our extensive network, we have access to nearly every charter vessel worldwide. If there is a specific yacht that captures your interest, please let us know, and we will gladly provide you with comprehensive details and its availability. However, it's important to note that there might be specific reasons why we haven't suggested that particular yacht to you initially.

4. Provisional Reservation and Charter Agreement:

Once you have chosen your preferred yacht, we will make a provisional reservation on your behalf, subject to availability. Charter rates are usually for 7 days. Shorter charters are sometimes possible but do need to be discussed. Our brokers will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible terms and ensure that your interests are protected. When you are satisfied with the proposed terms, a charter agreement will be drafted. We will need the Primary Charterer’s full name, residential address and passport details for this.


5. Know Your Client (KYC) Explained:

The demand for KYC documentation has become increasingly common when booking a luxury charter yacht. KYC refers to the process of obtaining and verifying essential information about a client to ensure compliance with regulations, prevent fraud, and manage risks. To complete the KYC process, we will require official identification documents, proof of address, and other relevant personal information from you.


6. Charter Agreement and Deposit:

The charter agreement will outline the terms and conditions, including the charter dates, rates, payment schedule, cancellation policies, insurance requirements and other important details. It is essential to carefully review and understand the agreement before signing. To secure the booking, you will be required to sign the agreement and submit a deposit, typically 50% of the total charter fee. Once the deposit has been received, your charter reservation is confirmed, and you will receive a Charter Confirmation document. All payments should be made by one person in the charter party by wire transfer and should cover all bank fees.

7. Finalising the Itinerary:

Collaborate with your Charter broker to finalise the charter itinerary. Our experienced team can provide valuable insights into the best cruising routes, anchorages, and onshore activities, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling charter experience.


8. Guest Preferences:

Once the booking is confirmed, we'll ask you and your guests to complete a Preference Form. This information allows your crew to personalise your charter, and covers everything from your dietary requirements and your choice of champagne, to planning your itinerary based on your preferred activities and the places you want to explore. We will work closely with the yacht's crew to ensure that all your needs are met, creating a personalised and seamless experience onboard. Your broker will be available to assist you with any pre-charter arrangements. This may include helping you complete the Preference Forms, providing guidance on packing essentials, arranging transfers, and addressing any last-minute requests or concerns.


9. Further Payments:

The payment terms typically include an initial deposit followed by a possible interim and then a final payment. Included in the final payment is the APA, plus any applicable VAT and delivery fees.


10. The Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) Explained:

The APA is an additional fee, typically 30% to 40% of the charter rate, collected before your luxury yacht charter begins. It covers expenses such as fuel, food and beverages, dockage fees, transfers, special requests, and more. The captain manages the APA as a prepaid expense account and provides regular accounts for transparency. Any unused funds are refunded, while additional expenses are settled before disembarkation. The APA ensures smooth expense management during the charter, allowing you to enjoy your trip without worrying about payments. It's important to note that the APA is separate from the charter fee and is not considered as payment for the yacht itself. Instead, it is a means to cover the operational costs and incidentals associated with the charter. Discuss the APA with your charter broker for more details.

10. Enjoy Your Charter:

The day of your charter has arrived! You will be warmly welcomed onboard your chosen yacht, where the professional crew will attend to your every need. Relax, indulge, and enjoy the breathtaking views as your charter unfolds. Our team remains available throughout your charter to address any queries or concerns that may arise, ensuring a smooth and memorable experience.

11. Crew Gratuities:

Crew gratuities, customary in the luxury yacht charter industry, are a way to recognize and reward the exceptional service provided by the crew. Typically ranging from 10% to 15% of the charter rate, the gratuity is given at your discretion and is separate from other charter expenses. The captain distributes the gratuity among the crew members based on their roles. It is customary to provide the gratuity in cash, but some yachts may accept credit cards or wire transfers. Your yacht charter broker can offer guidance on the appropriate amount and answer any questions you may have.


12. Post-Charter Support:

After your charter, we will follow up with you to gather feedback and ensure your complete satisfaction. We value your input as it helps us continually improve our services. We are also available to assist with any future charter inquiries, providing ongoing support and expertise.


At Luxury Charter Group, our mission is to deliver exceptional service and create unforgettable luxury yacht charter experiences. From the initial consultation to the post-charter follow-up, we are dedicated to ensuring your charter journey is seamless, enjoyable, and tailored to your unique preferences. Contact us today to start planning your dream yacht charter!

Disclaimer: The information about luxury yachts displayed on this page is merely informational and these yachts are not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor are they represented or marketed in anyway by Luxury Charter Group. This web page and the superyacht information contained herein is not contractual. All yacht specifications and information is displayed in good faith but Luxury Charter Group does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the current accuracy, completeness, validity, or usefulness of any superyacht information and/or images displayed. All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current.


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8 Good Reasons to Book with Luxury Charter Group

We are the luxury charter experts and have been excelling in this space for 30 years, or a combined total of 140 years! Our clients’ feedback assures us that our experience, expertise and dedication are the main reasons they rely on us, why they rebook time and again and refer their friends and contacts to us.

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