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Gulet charters in Croatia have become the popular holiday choice of many, so much that many of the quality gulets are booked a year in advance.

The Gulet is actually the traditional yacht of Turkey. Many have been purchased by Croatian owners, and now operate for charter in Croatia, flying the Croatian flag and with Croatian Crew.

Zaton, Croatia

Modern Gulets are both stylish, safe and comfortable. They have all the mod-cons you would expect from a quality charter yacht, such as air-conditioning, large saloons, roomy cabins, ensuites and AV equipment for onboard entertainment. Some even boast a jacuzzi on deck!

Son de Mar

On the internet, although you will find literally hundreds of gulets for charter, at Luxury Charter Group we have selected only a quality few that meet our strict criteria. They are gulets that we have personally inspected and chosen because we know the Owners and Crew, and because their Crew have historically looked after our clients and continue to provide the service and experience that we know you will appreciate.



Gulet Charters are usually Saturday – Saturday, although some gulets have a Sunday - Sunday charter, and rates are seasonal.

Croatia has been a member of European Union since July 1, 2013. You will find that English is widely spoken by the local population.


The Dalmatian islands on your route are populated, all of them with rich history, beautiful Mediterranean architecture and almost all of them with hospital or ambulance service, supermarkets or mini-markets and great sea food restaurants.


The most popular times for yacht charter in Croatia are in the summer months between May and September, when gentle prevailing northerly winds provide easy-going cruising. Warm and dry summers and mild winters characterise the Dalmatian coast. Average temperatures during the yacht charter season range between about 22-29C (71–84F). Winds are usually light over the whole Adriatic, averaging Force 2 or 3 and rarely reaching high forces. However, from time to time a wind known as the Bora blows. This is a cold and gusty wind from the North East that can last anywhere between a few hours to a few days. It is more common in the winter but does occasionally blow gale force in the summer.


The official currency in Croatia is changing from the Kuna to the EURO on January 1, 2023. 
Approximate Exchange Rates as per on October 6, 2022
EURO 1.- = USD 0.99; GBP 0.87; AUD 1.52

Exchange offices and Bank offices can be easily reached in Split, Dubrovnik, and on the larger islands: Hvar, Vis, Korcula. ATM machines are available on almost every island. Credit cards are accepted in restaurants in larger towns such as Split and Dubrovnik and in some restaurants on the larger islands (Korcula, Hvar).

Electricity in Croatia is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to Croatia with a device that does not accept 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter. Outlets in Croatia generally accept only 1 type of plug: one with two round pins. If your appliances' plugs have a different shape, you will need to bring an electrical plug adapter. Remember if you have more than one appliance that you will be wanting to use or charge at one time you will need to bring more than one adaptor. 

Travel Insurance:
Since you are booking your charter and paying your confirmation deposit well in advance of your charter, we strongly recommend that everybody in your party has travel insurance from the time of payment of your deposit. Circumstances can change even between individual members of your own group. Cancellation terms are clearly stated in your charter agreement.


Option: in most circumstances, we can hold an option on your preferred yacht /dates for 7-days maximum while you finalise your group travel details etc. Please remember to check your status with us and notify us of your intentions at 6-days.

Charter Confirmation: Your charter is only confirmed by receipt of both your deposit and the fully executed charter agreement.

Charter Agreement: We use the MYBA Charter Agreement which is the most widely accepted and tested Agreement used for professional crewed charters worldwide. It is designed to protect all parties in all circumstances.

Special Conditions: You will have some Special Conditions on your Agreement which include some extras as gulet charters have some additional inclusions.


Charter Fee Gulet Terms: Your charter fee inclusions may differ between gulets, check your Agreement, but generally they include: the Yacht and Crew, fuel for generators and main engine for an average of 4-hours cruising per day (this consumption is fine for a normal itinerary), permits, yacht insurances, unlimited use of A/C, general use of tender and use for water sports, Wi-Fi, linen and towels, beach towels, hairdryers, yacht and cabin cleaning, sojourn taxes and 13% Croatian VAT.


Additional Costs incurred on your charter can be for:
Port fees and marinas; transfers to or from your yacht/ hotel/ the airport, shore excursions, guided tours, adventure activities (big game fishing, rafting), hire of water toys not supplied on board, gratuities /tips for the crew etc.

Berth and port fees are not included in the charter fee so spending nights at anchor is a less expensive option than in a marina or town quay.  Some anchorages are free but there may be charges for those close to towns and in National Parks.

Croatian gulet

Taking a berth at the town quay is not always the optimum. The quay can be a hot and noisy place and not so private. At anchor your Crew can take you ashore in the yacht's tender for dinner and they will be on watch waiting for your return. In the heat of the summer nights, at anchor you will likely enjoy a cooling breeze, more privacy and quietness.

Private marinas are usually more expensive than town quay/ port rates.


Your Crew are professionally trained and are there to run the yacht, provide your service and to keep you safe. Please, at any time, feel free to ask them any question, let them know your wishes, needs on any service on board, instructions, thoughts or comments. They all speak English. It is much easier if you communicate directly with them. Please, do not hesitate to ask / tell them anything that concerns you. Be assured that they will rather hear any possible complaint or critic from you in time to correct their mistakes or improve your experience, than from us after your charter has finished, when it is too late to make a correction.

Croatian gulet

We aim for a seamless itinerary, so everybody arrives on board relaxed and ready to enjoy their charter. You'll have a specific form to complete for Transfers. Please be specific about where each guest is staying both pre- and post-charter so we can organise embarkation /disembarkation transfers. To ensure that we are able to do this efficiently please detail everyone's location on embarkation /disembarkation days. We need to know the full name and address of the hotel or the flight details (Flight Number and arrival/ departure date and time) for every guest.


You have WIFI on board but for those who wish to be doing business on holiday their own network there is an easy option. There are a number of options however T-Mobile in Croatia had a Tourist simcard for approx. EUR 11 offering unlimited data for 7-days. These were available at a number of different outlets: T-Mobile shops as well as some magazine shops and kiosks.


Guest Preference Form:
Stella Maris

We'll also ask you to complete one Guest Preference Form for your group. This gives you the opportunity to express your aspirations for your charter, state any dietary requirements or food allergies so your chef can create a personalised menu and provision accordingly. If there is one piece of advice we would give it is to provide as much detailed and specific information about your likes and dislikes as possible here so that it is conveyed to your Crew well in advance of your charter. They prefer not to have any last-minute surprises!


On the Guest Preference Form you will be asked to state any medical conditions in your group. It is important that your Crew know if there are any health issues that could affect you while on board.

Guest List Details on the Preference Form:
Port Authorities require a Guest manifest and you will be asked to provide your Full Names as per Passport, Date of Birth, Passport Number and Expiry Date. This information is required in advance by the Authorities to ensure your prompt departure from Port.

Food Options:
Gulet Carpe Diem 7

You have the option to choose either a full or half board provisioning package.
Half Board means two meals on board per day and always includes breakfast.
Full Board is three meals a day on board.

Gulet chef

By taking Half Board your itinerary remains flexible. You can have lunch or dinner ashore and enjoy dining at local restaurants, some of them award-winning! You will likely find that your onboard chef is very talented and sometimes our clients relax and decide to dine aboard for extra meals. You can have an additional meal on board on the half board plan, providing you give your chef enough notice. This can be discussed during your welcome briefing. Payment for extra meals are made to the Captain in Euro cash, with any other incidentals, at the end of your charter (refer your Charter Agreement Special Conditions).

Croatian gulet

Beverage Options are different for each yacht. Mostly Croatian gulets offer:
Domestic all-inclusive Croatian beverages package (soft beverages, Croatian beers, quality Croatian wines - not premium, Croatian liquors, tea, coffee, water, juices etc)
Domestic all-inclusive non-alcoholic beverages package (soft beverages, juices, water etc)


Croatian wines predominantly come from different grape varieties than what you are familiar with. Croatia has always been renowned for its good range of quality wines. For more information about the wines in Croatia we invite you to read our informative blog:
Croatian Wines for your Croatian Luxury Charter


If you prefer to supply all of your own alcohol then please ask for assistance. The yacht will charge a corkage fee.

Jet Skis:
Jet ski

Some luxury gulets have jet skis and wave runners for their guests' enjoyment. To drive a jet ski or wave runner in Croatia you must have a Jet ski permit/licence which must be carried on you and you must be 18 years or older. We strongly suggest you obtain a license in your own country, and it must be approved by the Croatian Authorities in advance of your travel to avoid disappointment. Safety Terms are very restricted for jet ski drivers and passengers in Croatia and these are strictly enforced by the harbour authorities.

Please note that due to lack of deck space and/or lifting mechanisms most of the smaller Gulets do not have the capacity to carry jetskis.


Children are of course very welcome onboard and there is no better way to connect with the family than spending quality time visiting new places, experiencing amazing things and having fun on the water together. And while your Crew are there to do your bidding they are not babysitters and any children on board must legally be under the care of an adult in your party at all times.

What to Bring on your Charter:
Croatia what to bring

Here is another good post to read with advice about what to bring on your charter:

What to Bring on Your Yacht Charter

Do not forget to ensure that your Travel Documents are all in order. Sun protection is a must as is something to keep you warm for the cooler nights.

What's Onboard Your Gulet:
Clear Eyes

All your linen, including bath and beach towels, are provided and changed during the week. Regardless of what food and beverage packages you have chosen drinking water will be available onboard.

Croatian gulet

There's also be a range of water toys for your enjoyment, from kayaks to snorkelling gear. If you are unsure of what's on board or there is something that you want in particular please ask your Luxury Charter Group charter specialist.

Croatian gulet

Welcome & Safety Briefing and Itinerary Briefing:

On embarkation your Captain will welcome you aboard and give you a safety briefing before you depart from the dock. At a convenient time after this when you have settled aboard, you should have a discussion with your Captain about your itinerary. This may occur in the evening when you arrive at your first destination, or it may be at breakfast the first morning. As part of your charter planning right from the start, we'll give you a sample itinerary with highlights so you'll already be well informed about your charter and the destination

Your Itinerary:

One of the great benefits of chartering your own private crewed yacht is the total flexibility it offers, cruising through your destination without having to pack and unpack your bags every day, visiting seaside villages and changing anchorages at your own pace, under the guidance of your Captain with his local knowledge. We, of course, offer a sample itinerary but during your charter your itinerary is flexible and can change for several reasons such as your personal choice, weather, and your Captain's recommendations. If you find somewhere you like, then you have the option to linger longer if you prefer. Your Captain has the final say, and always taking safety into account.

A sample itinerary:
Croatian itinerary

NOTE: we recommend that every day at Happy Hour you discuss your itinerary options for the next day with your Captain, so that you always know what your options are as a group for the next day. For example you may decide the Captain moves the yacht from the town quay early in the morning to a quiet anchorage where you can wake up and jump over the side for a swim before your breakfast.


Crew Gratuity:
Croatian gulet

Tipping is part of the charter culture and these costs should be included in your budget from the very start. The industry standard is 10 - 15% of the charter fee, given at your discretion for good service. Usually this is given at the end of your charter inside an envelope with a personal message to your crew. Tipping is customary practice and the Crew do work hard to please you and genuinely appreciate to be rewarded in this manner. If the gratuity is low we do get asked if the service was not good enough.


Payment for your charter is by wire transfer in Euro. Credit cards are not accepted. Please note that we want to receive one transaction from your group only, each time for the deposit/s and the balance. Rates are quoted in Euro so are subject to exchange rates when you transfer funds.

EXTRA expenses – APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance)

Gulet Navilux

Some larger yachts like NAVILUX and DALMATINO require an APA to be paid in advance with your balance. It's an estimate of your incurred expenses during your charter so you do not have to put your hand in your pocket whilst in holiday. The APA covers your port fees, meals and beverages, national park fees etc Special requests for international wines, champagnes and top shelf liquors could cause your expenses to be more excessive. Any APA not spent will be refunded at the end of your charter and likewise any overage will be due to be paid in Euro cash to your Captain prior to disembarkation. Your Captain should warn you in advance if you are exceeding your APA budget. Ask us for the APA Explanation pdf.

Gulet Queen of Datca

Some Special Conditions
- Smoking is not permitted on board or inside the yacht
- Children must be under the supervision of an adult in the charter party at all times. It is not the responsibility of the Crew to look after children or to babysit.
- It is the responsibility of the Charterer to ensure that he and his guests hold current valid visas for all countries visited during the charter.
- Funds must be received in EURO in full, cleared of all bank fees.
- Use of personal water craft is only permitted subject to the operator having the appropriate licence and meeting with local regulations.
- Whilst every effort will be made to secure berthing in the chosen ports during the cruise, neither the Owner, Captain stakeholder or broker can be held responsible for the final allocation of any berth.

Croatian gulet

For full details about the gulets available for charter in Croatia please contact Jeni Tidmarsh, your own personal Croatian Gulet specialist. 

Gulet Andjeo

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