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Meet Emily: Your Expert in Luxury Yacht Charters

Emily is Luxury Charter Group’s charter broker, and valued Team member based in USA, attending to our Clients in North and South America with professionalism, expertise and dedication.

Emily's commitment extends beyond her role at Luxury Charter Group she actively contributes to the charter industry's growth. Her influential presence on various Charter Association boards, including her 11-year tenure at CYBA, where she recently steered the association through the challenging times of COVID as President, demonstrates her leadership and commitment. She is currently Acting Secretary of AYCA (American Yacht Charter Association).

With 20 years’ experience in the charter industry, Emily has earned a reputation for working with guests to successfully craft their ideal charter vacations by matching them with yacht and crew, and with itineraries in their preferred destinations.

Over the past two decades, her reward for diligent and perceptive work is client feedback that attests to her insight. “When guests let me know that they felt well cared for and well matched with their vacation, or when crew let me know they couldn't have asked for a better fit in terms of guests … these are the highlights.”

Emily has had a lifelong love of the sea and all it offers. In fact, Emily and her family live so close to the ocean, they can smell the salt air from their front door.

Her diverse background includes roles in special education, lobstering, oystering, and marine resource assistance, showcasing her versatility and dedication to maritime pursuits.

“A career in the charter industry found me in a way,” she says. “I was not aware that this was a ‘thing’ when at age 24, I applied for a position and was trained from the ground up by one of the most respected brokers for Caribbean Charters at the time. I fell in love immediately with getting to know the boats and crews and using that knowledge to match guests to an unforgettable experience.”

“Charter vacations are unique in their scope and diversity”, Emily says.

“Having the flexibility to explore so much of a region while keeping the comfort and security (and convenience) of the same accommodation is unparalleled. There is such a variety of options as well, for the keen sailor, or for those who have never spent a night aboard a boat. There is something that can appeal to everyone at every comfort level.”

An avid traveller, Emily has explored the US and Caribbean, and parts of Europe including Switzerland, Italy, Greece, the Bahamas and Belize. “I spent a month touring through Poland in an exchange of young professionals’ program sponsored by Rotary. I also had an outstanding trip sailing through the Swedish Archipelago. I love travel, I am a voracious reader, enjoy cooking and boxing, and getting outside with my family.”

As a seasoned traveller, Emily brings a wealth of experiences to her role that fuels her dedication to creating memorable experiences for all her clients.

8 Good Reasons to Book with Luxury Charter Group

We are the luxury charter experts and have been excelling in this space for 30 years, or a combined total of 140 years! Our clients’ feedback assures us that our experience, expertise and dedication are the main reasons they rely on us, why they rebook time and again and refer their friends and contacts to us.

  1. Personalised service: we take care of the details
  2. We deliver exceptional charter experiences
  3. Up-to-date charter yacht knowledge
  4. Personal experience of the destinations
  5. Unbiased independent advice
  6. Global operations base
  7. Financial security
  8. Secure charter contracts

We ensure planning your charter is easy and enjoyable

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